Toyota Yaris Superman Limited Edition - Up, up & Away !

Ohh, what I'd give to see mild manner reporter Clark Kent change into his red & blue suite and get into one of these... And don't think it's a hoax; this is an official, special edition version of Toyota's Yaris that's sold solely in Indonesia!

Based on the Yaris 1.5, the Superman Limited Edition which is available only in blue, gets a bundle of exterior stickers including a large one on the side with the man of steel himself -in case you don't notice the "S" logo up front and on the rear end.

But it gets worse, as the interior of the "Super" Yaris is fitted with blue-black leather seats featuring the "S" logo which is also visible on the steering wheel, the floor mats, the handbrake, the gear box lever and the... tissue box. The thing that top's it all though is the exclusive "Yaris Superman License" !

In case you're interested, the Superman Yaris is sold in Indonesia for 17.118 USD /13.590 EUR, up from the 16.102 USD /12.784 EUR that the normal edition costs. That's a small sum to pay for getting an official licensed super-car don't you think :-)

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