Skoda Praktik : Roomster's bread-van bro

As if the fact that the Roomster's looks wheren't already considered weird Skoda decided to make things worse by presenting the bread-van version of it's Toyota Yaris Verso look-alike. Just imagine that you're heading to a Skoda dealership after convincing yourself that the Roomster does not look like a professional van and suddenly bumping into one of these!

Dubbed Praktik, the brad-vevrsion of the Roomster gets a two-seat configuration with a large freight compartment (volume 1,783 litres, length 1,555 mm, width 1,016-1,429 mm, height 987 mm) separated from the driver's cabin with a sliding panel. It offers payload of 640 kg and it will be available with two petrol engines (1.2 12V HTP/51 kW and 1.4 16V/63 kW) and one diesel engine (1.4 TDI PD/51 kW). The launch of the Skoda Praktik is scheduled to start in the spring of 2007.

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