Nissan Skyline Coupe / Infinit G35 Coupe Black X Metal : DAM(N)D Aston Martin's

Remember the Mazda MX-5 / Miata, Aston Martin look-alike called the AMX07 ? Well, here's another company who seems to think that there are a lot of folks out there who love to give an Aston Martin look to their car as Japanese tuner DAMD just released a new bodykit called "Black X Metal" with a... British flair for the Nissan Skyline Coupe / Infinity G35 Coupe models.

Luckily though, the DAMD bodykit doesn't go all the way like the AMX07 does, as the facelift concentrates on the front part of the car and not the whole body. The "Aston Martin" inspired snout is also available from DAMD for the Nissan 350Z & the Mazda MX-5 / Miata models (click pictures bellow). via : Autoblog

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