Nissan launches interactive web site for its 2007 Qashqai Crossover

More and more carmakers are creating interactive web sites lately in order to promote their new models. Nissan on it's part launched a new site for its 2007 Qashqai which allows you not only to design your Qashqai but also the scene around it.

You can choose the colour, the wheels of the car and then your own number plate. Once the car is finished, the urban space that the Qashqai finds itself in can also be made unique by creating its own "spot". The website allows you to change the surroundings, the road surface and even the backdrop that the QASHQAI is parked in front of by choosing from a range of wall art designs to make the spot truly urban.

Although the site takes sometime to load, it's worth taking a look at: or

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