HuoYun Electromobile : Yes, it's a Chinese Smart Fortwo clone!

Stop rubbing your eyes and start cracking up a smile on your lips, cause this is no photoshop, it's a copyshop! Once again, the Chinese automakers are doing their best to amaze us with there ingenuity ! This time the victim is the Smart Fortwo and the victimizer is Shandong Huoyun, a subsidiary of the Qilu Petrochemical Corporation.

As Autobild reported, Smart boss Ulrich Walker was caught completely off guard when the magazine contacted him about the Chinese plagiarism. While the exterior looks of the car a complete knockoff, the interior and the mechanical parts are different -guess that makes it ok for the Chinese...

Anyway, instead of having a petrol motor, as its name implicates, the HuoYun Electromobile gets an electric motor that's good enough according to the Chinese to give it a max range of 120 km / 75 miles and a top speed of 50 km/h / 31 mph.


Passenger capacity : 2 people
Range (loaded) :
120 km
Max. speed :
55 km/h
Power :
Wheel base : 1.800 mm
Wheel track :
1235/1320 mm
Minimum turning radius :
4 m
Max. climbing ability (loaded) :
Overall dimensions :
2.510 x 1.515 x 1.530 mm
Max. loading weight:
500 kg
No-load weight :
1.000 kg

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