Honda Civic Type R Sedan 220Hp+ : Official car for the F1 Japan GP, production begins in 2007

Don't you just love white Type R's, even if it's a 4door version ? Before you run to your local dealer though learn that, for now, the pictured Civic Type R Sedan is a prototype which will be used as the official car for the 2006 F1 Japan Gran Prix -to be held at the Suzuka Circuit on October 6-8. But luckily for us, not for long as Honda revealed that a production model will go on sale in Japan in spring 2007. That means that the 4door Civic Type R will probably find its way into Europe latter in the same year.

As for the car, according to Honda, besides it's hefty bodykit that includes a rear wing tha could put a WRX to shame and it's sport suspension, the 4door Civic Type R is fitted with a tuned version of the 3door Type R's 2.0 i-VTEC engine with an output in excess of 220 Hp (from 201 Hp). via: Jalopnik

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