GeigerCars Hummer GT : When Hummer H2 fell in love with Ford GT - GeigerCars 556 Hp & 133.900 euro SUV

Can't decide whether GeigerCar's new Hummer GT is more of a crossdresser than a souped up crossover, but either way, it's here to ignite some passion into, a few to be truthful, customers who are willing to pay the starting price of 133.900 EUR / 168.000 USD.

An offspring of a love affair between an Hummer H2 and an Ford GT, GeigerCars new product stands out thanks to its Hummer body and Ford GT blue & orange colour theme. As if that was'nt enough, GeigerCars threw out the H2's conventional front doors and put in gullwing doors. Even more impressive are the 30" alloys in 315/30R rubber, although, according to GeigerCars you'll have to pay an extra... 28.000 EUR to get them. Inside the GT get's Carbondesign applications, colour-coded instruments and a multimedia system.

The most significant mechanical change is the upgraded 6.0 V8 engine which gets a supercharger kit and a stainless steel high performance exhaust system including special manifolds and a specially calibrated ECU. The modifications increase the peak power to 556 hp / 409 kW while the maximum torque is increased to 765 Nm. The tuned SUV takes 7.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) and reaches a maximum speed of 225 km/h.

GeigerCars also lowers the HUMMER H2 by about 100 millimeters and installs sport anti-sway bars for reduced silt tilt at fast cornering -I know it sounds, funny but that's exactly what they say... Finally, if you're willing to add another 10.628 EUR, offers high performance brake system with 380 mm perforated and vented discs and 8-pot fixed calipers on the front axle. via : Motorpasion & Geigercars

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