Audi Q7 : Surprise, surprise, the US aimed Q7 sells better in Europe than in the States

A very interesting article in this week's Automotive News Europe reveals that, although Audi's premium SUV was primarily designed to appeal to American customers, it's the Europeans who are giving "a thumb up" to the Q7!

In Q7's first four months in the market, US sales represent the 30% of the total production instead of the planned 50%. But that's not bad news at all as, unlike BMW and Mercedes who produce the X5 & the ML in the States, Audi imports the Q7 from Europe, which means that it's more profitable for Audi to sell the Q7 in Europe than in the US (cause of the current EUR / USD exchange rates). Via : Automotive News Europe

Audi Q7 Sales August 2006

  • USA - 2.677
  • Europe 19.807
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