2008 Alfa Romeo Junior

Since we not only know that it's official, but also when it's going on sale (mid 2008, check out all the official presentations of the Fiat Group here: Fiat, Alfa & Lancia 2008-2009), it's only logical that we're going to start seeing a bunch of photoshops promising to give us an accurate view of Alfa's Junior hatch.

This time, Italian magazine Infomotori has created a series of photos previewing Alfa's MINI competitor. While I'm not so sure that they've even come close to the real thing in terms of design, they're absolutely right about the engine range: the Junior will be fitted with Fiat Group's new 1.4 Turbo that will be offered in two versions, with 120 & 150 Hp. Via: Autoblog & Infomotori

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