2007 Volvo V70 Scooped

Thanks again to the wonderful technology that lay inside modern cell phones, we've got the first uncovered pictures of the 2007 Volvo V70, several months before its official unveiling at next year's Geneva Motor Show (March 2007).

Heavily based on the new S80, the V70 design mixes style elements from Volvo's latest cars (C30, V50, S80) but without the same success . I wonder if the "Peter Horbury" magic is starting to fade out down there in Sweden...

Apart form being available with Volvo's AWD system, it is rumoured that the top spec model of the range, the sporty V70 R will be fitted with Volvo’s new 4.4 V8 motor producing about 370 Hp. via : Jalopnik & Teknikens Varld

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