2007 Ford Mondeo Update : To be revealed in the UEFA Champions League final, plus new info on engines

During the Paris Show I talked to a few Ford PR's who informed
me among other things, that the product version of the Mondeo concept will be officially revealed to the public during the 2007 UEFA Champions League soccer final match in Athens, Greece on the 23rd of May 2007.

Of course we've already seen how the production vehicle will look like through a dozen or so pics from the "fake" model that will play in the James Bond movie -click here to see a large-sized gallery: Carscoop.

Another interesting thing I learnt was that, besides its new, Kinetic themed design, the Mondeo will be the first model in Ford's future Euro line-up that will feature a new generation of engines, starting up with a brand new 1,6 litre 4cylinder petrol motor that will produce about 125 to 130 Hp. According to Ford personnel, the company has just started pumping money into the engineering department as it doesn't want to be left behind in this area.

Don't forget, Ford is probably one of the few remaining companies in Europe that hasn't announced (yet) any future plans for Turbo engines.

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