2007 Audi TT Roadster : Official Pictures !

Here it is folks, the new, 2007 Audi TT Roadster in all its glory ! Although a lot of people expected to see it in Paris, Audi execs seemed to have different opinion as the Germans decided to make the world debut of the second generation TT Roadster in the US -either at the LA Auto Show (December 1-10) either latter on at NAIAS (January 13-21).

Like its predecessor, the TT Roadster is a 2 seater (and not a 2+2 like the TT Coupe) and it gets an electric folding soft top. Another common element with the previous TT Roadster is the cross-stitched leather seats -reminiscent of a baseball, which will probably be offered again as an extra equipment. As for the engine range, the open top TT will use the same 2.0 TFSI (200 hp) & 3.2 V6 FSI (250 Hp) we find in the 2007 TT Coupe.

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