2007 Smart Fortwo to be unveiled this year but not at Paris

Smart came out with a rather odd press release informing us that although it's new 2007 Smart Fortwo will be unveiled this year, it's world premier will not take place at this week's Paris Motor Show, but, "at a location outside of the trade fair circuit". And we thought that the Romans we crazy...

To make things even more odd, the Mercedes-Benz owned carmaker came out with two sketches of the forthcoming model. Like we haven't already seen it as most you remember, a dozen or so pictures of the car leaked on the net last week -click here to see the gallery: 2007 Smart Fortwo Official Pics.

PRESS RELEASE - Even more smart fortwo : The new smart fortwo, which will be launched in the spring of 2007, is not on show in Paris. The world premiere will take place this year, at a location outside of the trade fair circuit. However, a first indication of its appearance has already been given: a sand sculpture of the new model could be seen during the German beach volleyball championships at the beginning of September at Timmendorfer Strand.

Over and above this we can reveal this much: the new smart fortwo will be a true smart fortwo as well. It will adopt the key characteristics of the current model. You could say that the fortwo can do everything that the current fortwo can do - but a little better. via: Motorpasion

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