VW Golf GTI - 30th Anniversary Accessories

Thirty years have passed since VW shook the automotive world with the presentation of the 1st generation Golf GTI, which practically, gave birth to a new category of cars. A few months ago, VW presented a concept edition of the 5th generation Golf GTI (click here: "Edition 30"). Now, the Germans are releasing a new line of accessories to celebrate the GTI's 30th birthday and make a few bucks or should I say euros. These are the most interesting stuff in the collection:

Scale model of the 5th generation GTI and the "Edition 30" prototype - available as a 1:18 or 1:43 costing 21,9 & 31,9 Euros respectively

Golf GTI Chronograph Watch - A limited edition watch available in just 666 pieces - what's with the number VW?. It costs 199 Euros

GTI Racing PC Game - Take your Golf for a virtual spin. The game also allows you tune up your GTI. For 39,90 Euros

The collection also includes t-shirts (8,90 Euros), long sleeve shirts (19,90 Euros) & ball point pens (5,50 Euros) all dressed up with the famous GTI logo. For more information you can visit VW's virtual show at www.votex.shop.de. But because this requires you to register -in German, to gain access you can do it the hard way by contacting a VW dealer.