Tres-Chic: Citroens presents the world's first designer tailored garage -complete with a six figure price tag !

So, you got "THE CAR", but where are you going put your precious baby? Well, if you're willing to relief your bank account of a six-figure number, then this is the ultimate solution -even if your "precious" doesn't wear the double chevron badge.

According to Citroen, this is the world's first "designer garage" and it was created for its all-new executive model, the C6. Penned by acclaimed Neutral partners, Tapio Spellman and Christian Grou whose credits include the Munich football stadium & the Allianz Arena, the garage was conceived as a sculptural design to "envelop and present the C6 in a truly unique and independent environment."

According to Christian Grou, the garage "encourages a visual dialogue between the inside and outside, and between the car and its environment as a result of the use of materials of different transparencies. The C6 is a truly individual statement, and one which deserves more than a run of the mill, brick and mortar garage."

The question that pops-up of course is how much more does the C6 deserve? Well, according to Citroen, the ultimate tres chi, transparent garage costs a mere... 167.808 Euros (212.371 USD - 112.330 UKP if you prefer) or about three times the cost of a range-topping C6 3.0 V6 !

Press Release

Drawing inspiration from the pronounced architectural forms of the Citroen C6 itself, the garage is formed by three solid strands, which create the "skeleton" of the main building that stands 3m tall and covers 50m2.

Constructed out of light transmitting concrete with transparent sliding "doors to the sides, which allow the vehicle to enter from either the front or the rear, the building securely encloses the C6 in the traditional sense of a garage, but at the same time allows it to be displayed to the passer-by.

The transparent sliding plates have been constructed of reinforced, environmentally friendly polycarbonate sheets with coloured LCD layers in the sheets allowing for opacity when the car owner switches on the privacy mode.

Reflecting the technical finesse of the Citroen C6, the multi-functional garage not only makes a bold, spatial statement, its tectonic design provides the owner with a useable roof terrace and a unique "man-made landscape" to adjoin their home.

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