Say Ciao to all new Hybrid Formula Racing Car From Italy

Italian racing specialist's N.Technology S.p.a. and Tatuus s.r.l. have signed a deal for producing a new single-seater Formula racing car called the N.T07 that's been conceived to be fitted with a hybrid engine system. The new single-seater car will have a 2-litre, 4-cylinder, 250-bhp engine, gearbox and clutch controls on the steering wheel. And this Italian formula racing car isn't yet another concept destined to travel from show to show but it will actually prove itself on the racing grid!

From the next 2007 season the Formula N.T07 cars will compete in a new international series within the European rounds of the FIA World Touring Car Championship. Eurosport will grant TV production and broadcasting to the events of the international series. As for what each company will do, Tatuus will take care of building N.Technology's latest idea. Tatuus will also provide technical assistance and spare parts service to the teams involved in the new series.


Tatuus: Founded by Artico Sandona, Tatuus has been involved in car racing since 1980. The Italian company does not only designs, builds and sells racing cars but it also competes directly with its own team (F.Panda, Alfa Boxer, F.3, F. Renault and the F. Ford 2000 which debuted in the US Championship in 1997)

N.Technology: Three main steps characterized N.Technology's story. Nordauto Squdra Corse was born in 1991 and converged into Nordauto Engineering in 1994. In 2001 N.Technology was established following big successes obtained all around Europe. During all these years, easy "team" concept moved to the one of "avant-garde technical and operating structure able to produce and manage racing cars and sporting programmes".

Among others, currently manages Alfa Romeo's FIA World Touring Car Championship campaign (WTCC) with the Alfa 156 racer. Previously, N.Technology also managed Fiat Group's diverse racing and rally programmes. Although the Italian car maker held a minority stake in, both their "racing" relationship and shareholding was dissolved earlier this year.

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