Peugeot 908 RC 4door-Coupe V12 Concept

One by one, car makers are opening their cards for the upcoming Paris Motor Show which will open it's gates to public in September. This time it's Peugeot and these are the first pictures of the futuristic 908 RC concept. No so much of a "haute couture" but nevertheless, Peugeot's 4door-Coupe Concept is quite impressive. Same goes for the interior which is intended to host four people.

The 908 RC is equipped with Peugeot's 908 Le Mans contender racing car: a 5.5 V12 HDi diesel engine that produces 700 Hp and a monstrous 1.200 Nm of torque. According to french sources, the 908 RC could base Peugeot’s not so successful, 607 premium sedan successor with the production version aiming at a more niche market.

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