Exclusive Paris-Blaster: Volkswagen ScIROCco Concept pictures !

Update: The concept is officialy named IROC, check out the official press release &pictures here: IROC Concept

You probably saw a lot of scanned pictures from the internet this morning concerning VW's ScIROCco concept, but these look a bit more convincing don't you think?

The ScIROCco concept, which will be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September practically previews the product edition that is going to go on sale in 2008. That's about 16 years after the last Scirocco rolled out of VW's production line in 1992 to be substituted by the not so successful, Corrado -remember the one with the "very reliable" G60 engines...

The decision to go ahead with the Scirocco was approved just a few months ago. That approval led to this sleek 3door prototype that is very reminiscent of last year's Audi Shooting Brake concept.

Like the concept, the Scirocco will be built on the PQ35 platform -yes, the same one that's found in the Golf V, or Rabbit for the US market. Although VW sources have previously stated that the Scirocco may adopt some lightweight aluminum parts from the 2007 Audi TT, I find that very difficult to beleive as VW's model will be aiming at lower budgets.

Expect the line up to include all the latest TFSI engines from VW's stable like the 1.4 TSI (140 & 170 Hp), the 2.0 TFSI (200 & 220-260 Hp) as well as the 3.2 FSI and of course, the hefty VW diesel line up.

According to VW officials, the 3door Scirocco will be built at the company's Setubal plant near Lisbon in Portugal Setubal plant near Lisbon in Portugal -the same line as the 2007 Eos Coupe-Convertible.

PS: These are the scanned photos I previously mentioned:

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