2007 Land Rover Freelander 2 features the world's first automotive application of Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1

Land Rover's new 2007 Freelander 2 is getting some pretty cool or should I say, "icy", attention as its the first car in the world that will be fitted with a Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1 surround sound technology system from Alpine. Up to now, this technology was commonly seen in high-end home cinema and entertainment systems.

Alpine promises to reward Freelander owners with its premium sound system that consists of a new sonorous 440 watt amplifier and a comprehensive 14 speaker system that has been specifically created for the latest Land Rover SUV.

Press Release

What is Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1 technology? It works by processing any stereo (two-channel) audio into seven playback channels of surround sound plus a subwoofer channel for low frequency sounds. By detecting the directional cues that occur naturally in stereo content, Dolby uses these elements to create a surround sound playback experience. The technology has been developed specifically to suit the unique listening environment of a vehicle, enabling all passengers to experience enveloping and exciting audio regardless of their position within the car.

Surround Sound Speakers Technical Overview

Centre Fill: Powered directly by the amplifier, the 2 Ohm, 100mm centre fill provides the surround experience for front occupants. As the name suggests the speaker fills the void between front occupants, enhancing the impression of the concert being played out right in front of you. Responsiveness is assured through the use of lightweight neodymium magnet materials. Lightweight materials at the top of the dashboard have the added advantage of lowering the centre of gravity, significant for an SUV.

Tweeters: Neodymium tweeters are used to increase responsiveness. Ideally located in the front and rear doors the tweeters ensure faithful reproduction of the higher frequencies. Highly specified, the 4 Ohm units are fitted in both the front and rear of the cabin ensuring audio excellence wherever you are seated.

Bass Woofer: For faithful reproduction of lower frequencies, a powerful and substantial bass unit was developed. Fed by separate 40 watt audio channels, these units have the ability to move large volumes of air. With a distinct mid unit in the premium system, the bass unit can be tuned to focus purely on deep, crisp and accurate bass reproduction.

Mid: For more accurate mid range reproduction, the Freelander 2 has new mid range speakers. With most of what we hear being in this range, the performance of this speaker is critical. With rapid response, the mid speaker can perform in harmony with the mid bass and tweeter arrangement.

Subwoofer: The substantial subwoofer is driven by two 40 watt amplifier channels to accurately reproduce the lowest frequencies. A substantial ferrite magnet system is used to move the air that creates not only the sound but the deep feeling. Strong and light, the enclosure has been designed specifically for the Freelander 2 creating an environment that permits Alpine’s audio engineers to tune the system for the best bass response across the range.

Rear Surrounds: For the true surround sound experience, the new Freelander 2 has a further two mid units in the rear of the vehicle. Providing scale and depth to performances, they are ideally suited for concert or live music reproduction.

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