2007 Citroen Picasso MPV Revealed

Following the "apocalypse" of a... chinese scale model of Citroen's forthcoming Picasso MPV on e-bay (click here to see: 2007 Citroen Picasso), these photos of the real thing showed up on the net today. The C4 based mid-sized MPV will be officialy revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September. Although less stylish than its predecessor -something that could be considered as an asset... the Picasso seems a bit more intresting to look at than most of its rivals (Ford C-Max, VW Touran etc).

Most importantly, the 2007 Picasso hopes to become the future French soccer-mom's dream car, since it now comes equipped with three rows of seats that can fit up to seven passengers. More on Citroen's 2007 Picasso to come...

A Question to Ponder- How the heck did the chinese manage to practically replicate a scale model (picture in the left) of the Picasso months before it's set to be unveiled ?