Top Gear test 3 of the fastest Euro MPV's

Ford S-MAX 2.5 Turbo 220 Hp vs Mercedes-Benz B200 Turbo 193 Hp vs Opel Zafira OPC 2.0 Turbo 240 Hp

Your in the mid 30s or 40s, and your family needs dictate that you should find a car with space and versatility but you still can't get over that beloved GTi you drove a few years ago ? Well in Europe, car manufactures seem to have found the perfect solution for thiose special needs: Boxy an spacious MPV's that promise to satisfy not only all your family needs but also your personal ones. Top Gear gets together three MPVs that hide under their hood high-output Turbocharged engines and tries to find out if they truly fulfill their dual characteristics.

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