Peugeot officially announces the 150 Hp 207 GT 1.6 Turbo

It’s finally here, the first sport model of the 207 series. What, you can’t see a difference from the other models in the range ? Well, who can blame you as with the exception of the 17’’ alloys, Pug’s new 207 GT 1.6 Turbo is a very, very discreet GTi.

But in the “lion’s” heart lay’s a 1.6 Turbo which promises to make up for its sexy but nevertheless, subtle looks. The 207 GT 1.6 Turbo is the first model in the 207 range to be fitted with one of the PSA Peugeot-Citroen & BMW jointly developed 1.6 petrol engines. This one in specific has an output of 150 Hp at 5.800 rpm and 240 Nm (25,0 kgm) of torque at just 1.400 rpm. Power is driven to the front wheels through a 5speed manual gearbox which I hope, will have nothing to do with the usual French “soup stirring” sticks…

According to the French, the 207 GT is capable of doing the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint in 8,7 sec while for the 0-1.000 m it’ll kneed 30,2 sec. Top speed has not yet been announced.

More changes can bee seen in the interior, which has aluminium pedals, gearbox & handbrake knobs, half leather bucket seats etc.

The Peugeot 207 GT 1.6 Turbo will be available in Europe in October. For those who think that this is not worthy to Peugeot’s fabulous history of small GTi’s (106 & 205 Rallye, 205 T16, 205 GTi, 206 RC) keep your pants up as the French are preparing a more powerful version of this car called 207 RC which will use an upgraded version of the 1.6 turbo-charged engine with 180+ Hp. The RC, which will wear a more dynamic bodykit is expected to hit European showrooms in the forthcoming January.

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