Official: Volkswagen's new compact SUV named Tiguan

VW's forthcoming compact SUV that will be based on the mid-sized Golf has been christened Tiguan… As strange as it sounds, I think we should be happy with it considering the fact that it was chosen over these four names: Nanuk, Namib, Rockton and Samun...

Noticeably, Volkswagen followed a different path than usual, allowing the "baptism" to be made by 350.000 readers of AutoBild magazine (in 10 countries) and not by marketers.

As fot the car, Touareg's "little" SUV brother will be heavily based on the Concept A that we saw earlier this year (click picture bellow). According to VW officials, it will be manufactured in Wolfsburg, Germany and it will go on sale in early 2008.

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