Nissan Murano GT-C Concept Unveiled

A FEW days after the unveiling of the stunning 350Z GT-S Concept, Nissan presented the analogous philosophy, Murano GT-C Concept. Developed under the close supervision of Nissan’s Bedfordshire-based European Technical Centre, the GT-C features a turbocharged 3.5 V6 powertrain that produces 340 Hp, a raft of suspension, brake and steering upgrades, all complemented by new styling, inside and out.

As with it’s 350Z GT-S counterpart, the Murano has a lot of chances to get the green light to go into production. If that happens, I hope Nissan designers rethink the interior concept which looks as if it was styled and decorated by a someone who still listens to Wham…


Engine: Central to the Murano GT-C’s dynamic appeal is its muscular new turbo-charged engine. In the GT-C, the Murano’s all-aluminium 3498cc V6 engine is breathed on by a single Garrett turbo-charger. The hybrid turbo is a bespoke unit created for this application, and features a turbine from a Garrett T3 and a compressor from a Garrett T4.

The 24 valve engine now produces 340 Hp at 6000rpm, and 265lb ft of torque at a 3600rpm – enough to speed the 1885kg Murano GT-C (a mere 20kg over the standard Murano) to 60mph in an estimated 7.0seconds and on to a top speed of 140mph.

Chassis: To match this performance, the Murano GT-C’s MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension is fitted with uprated Bilstein mono-tube dampers, shorter and 35% stiffer coil springs – which lower the ride height by 25mm – as well as recalibrated front suspension kinematics to enhance cornering turn-in and improve steering feedback.

The Murano GT-C is fitted with a bespoke AP Racing brake system that’s more than capable of handling the engine’s performance boost. At the front, large 362mm two-piece rotors are gripped by powerful six-pot callipers, while at the rear four-pot callipers grasp single piece 330mm discs. All four rotors are vented and grooved for improved heat dissipation. The Murano’s advanced ABS anti-lock system and ESP electronic stability programme remain unchanged.

Transmission: Mated to the Murano’s slick computer-controlled X-Tronic CVT transmission and intuitive ALL-MODE electronic all-wheel drive system, the GT-C delivers effortless acceleration and taut, driver-focused responses, irrespective of the weather or road conditions.

Styling: To match this performance hike, the GT-C has undergone a dramatic styling makeover that elevates the Murano’s already distinctive lines onto a higher level.

Painted in Nissan’s Kuro Black paint, the Murano GT-C features front grille, wing mirrors, door handles, headlamp interiors and badging covered in a clear and deep black/bronze Dupont lacquer. The front air intakes are faced in stainless woven steel mesh and the redesigned rear bumper houses those four chamfered exhaust pipes.

Unique 22inch five-spoke two-piece lightweight alloy wheels, shod with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx ZR 265/35 profile tyres fill the Murano GT-C’s bold wheel arches, and that aerodynamically tuned rear wing further underscores the Nissan’s sporting credentials.

Interior: The central sections of the Murano’s low-slung and electrically adjustable front seats have been trimmed in perforated Strathspey leather, from Andrew Muirhead in Scotland, Europe’s oldest and most distinguished tannery. This hand-stitched honey-coloured waxed matt leather is also used on the rear seats, the centre of the seat headrests, the elbow pads in the door, the top and bottom quadrants of the steering wheel and the recesses of the footwells.

The organic Strathspey leather is offset by the tan Glove material that’s used above the belt-line to cover the headlining and pillars. Like the leather, this advanced man-made fibre is hand-stitched.

That striking exterior black/bronze lacquer is carried through to the cabin, where it’s used to coat the door’s step sills and the lids of the central stowage console. The black/bronze hue is further accented by the GT-C’s grab handles, coat hooks and interior light surrounds that are all coated in a soft-touch tan finish.

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