New Porsche 911 GT3 RSR race car makes circuit debut

The Manthey Racing team from Germany will run two brand new Porsche 911 GT3 RSR race cars in the 24 hour race at Spa in Belgium on 29 July. Porsche developed the near-standard racing sportscar based on the road-going 911 GT3 RS. Over the 2006/07 winter, 35 units of the new racing sportscar (not approved for road use) will initially be built.

PRESS RELEASE: Porsche decided to build the new GT3 RSR after analysing the relevant A.C.O. and FIA regulations in a specification which allows a minimum weight of 1,225kg (predecessor: 1,125kg) and permits the tyre width to be increased by two inches to 14 inches. Thirty-five kilogrammes of the required additional weight may be placed as ballast in the vehicle, resulting in a lower centre of gravity.

ENGINE For the normally-aspirated Porsche engine this specification allows a capacity of 3.8-litres with two 30.3 millimetre air restrictors (predecessor: 3.6-litres, 29 mm diameter). The increase in displacement was achieved through the enlargement of the bore to 102.7mm with the unchanged stroke of 76.4mm. With the mandatory air restrictors, the unit delivers 359kW/485bhp at 8,500rpm. Maximum torque increased to 435Nm. Top engine speed is reached at 9,000rpm.

GEARBOX For the 24 hour race in Spa, the GT3 RSR features the proven sequential six-speed gearbox of its forerunner. The customer vehicles for 2007 will be delivered with a new sequential six-speed transmission featuring the gears of the RS Spyder which competes in the American Le Mans Series.

THE BODYSHELL of the GT3 RSR with the welded-in safety cage is ten per cent stiffer than its predecessor. Distinctive wheel arches widen the body by 50 millimetres on each side. The track is enlarged correspondingly; wheels and tyres of the maximum allowable dimension can be fitted.

THE SUSPENSION with Porsche-optimised struts at the front and the Porsche multi-link axle at the rear corresponds to the configuration of the standard GT3 RS car. The modified kinematics is set-up for the wider tyre footprint and for the lowest possible camber change in rebound and compression. The new ZF-Sachs shock absorbers feature the Through-Rod-System with considerably lower chamber pressure and hence less friction than conventional dampers. As a result they offer a significantly improved response characteristic. The position of the rear axle was optimised. The axle features a new anti-roll bar, an adjustable upper link and an optimised lower link.

THE BRAKE SYSTEM features six-piston aluminium callipers and 35 millimetre thick brake discs measuring 380 mm in diameter at the front and 30 millimetre four-piston aluminium callipers with 355 mm diameter discs at the rear.

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