Mercedes…Binz S-Class 6door Luxury Limousine Concept

Limousine manufacturer "Binz", known for its extended chassis E-Class limousines, is stepping up a grade with an all new S-Class limousine concept vehicle. The S-Class Mercedes-Benz based Binz is designed to continue that tradition of excellence established since 1936 when Michael Binz first started coachbuilding with Mercedes-Benz sourced chassis units.

Production of the E- Class Binz continues but it is proposed that this will be complimented by the much larger and more sophisticated Binz S-Class, which will initially be available to special order only.

Inside the 6-door S-Class, passengers will relax on leather seating, and keep their cool thanks to the car’s middle-eastern specification air conditioning. Available options include in-car entertainment from video screens set into the rear of each headrest, and privacy blinds. Power will be courtesy of the S320 V6 common-rail turbo-diesel, while the S350 petrol 24 valve V6 will be optional.

Binz UK CEO Peter Smith explains, "With the latest incarnation of the S-Class, Mercedes-Benz have raised the bar yet again as regards standards of passenger safety, and ride comfort. To retain full Mercedes-Benz engineering approvals for our extended chassis limousine version, means precise recalibration of interrelated on-board electronics controlling adaptive intelligent ride air suspension, vehicle stability control and now the Pre-Safe occupant restraint facility."

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