Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sets first ever “London Speed Record”

In association with the British International Motor Show, Autocar magazine organized the first “London Speed Record”. The Brits got together a number of various sports cars including a BMW M6, a Mercedes McLaren SLR, a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and a Holden Maloo Ute.

Each vehicle was given a rolling start and the length of the City Airport’s one-mile runway in which to set the fastest time, 3 runs per vehicle. Cars entered the main runway via a slip road at 70-80 mph. The speed, officially timed, will be put forward as an official Guinness Book of Records entry for the London Land Speed Record. The winner was the Mercedes McLaren SLR which managed to go up to 175.7mph

Comments: "It was absolutely breathtaking and a fantastic feeling to set the record in a British-built car," said Autocar’s magazine’s editor at large Sutcliffe, which organized the attempt.

"The McLaren has the power, the technology and the stability to hit those high speeds with incredible control," added Sutcliffe. "This is the fastest any production car has ever been driven legally in London".

Richard Gooding, Managing Director, London City Airport said "It was certainly an interesting transformation from runway to racetrack. The cars certainly reached maximum speed and looked as if they were going to take off, it was great to see".


Record Attempt Speed

Mercedes McLaren SLR

175.7 mph - 282.5 km/h

Ford GT

174.3 mph - 280.3 km/h

Porsche Turbo

162.6 mph - 261.5 km/h

Bentley Flying Spur

157.4 mph – 253.1 km/h

Corvette Z06

167.0 mph – 268.5 km/h


162.5 mph – 261.3 km/h

Alpina B5

155.4 mph – 249.9 km/h

Shelby Daytona Cobra

159.7 mph - 256.8 km/h

Holden Maloo Ute

160.8 mph – 258.6 km/h

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