Greenpeace anti-SUV humourous Commercial

Greenpeace released this anti-SUV commercial at the British International Motor Show. Its shows how people will treat (according of course to Greenpeace) a coworker who lives in a city and owns an SUV (in the video, the guy has a Toyota Land Cruiser). Kind off far fetched if you ask me. Ok, SUVs waste gas, take up space and have no place in a city, but spitting in the mans coffee ? Jeez….See the video below. After the jump, read Greenpeace's comments

What does your car say about you?

"This week while we bake in soaring temperatures, thousands will flock to the British International Motor Show to see the launch of the first right-hand drive Hummer and other gas guzzling luxuries. Based on a war fighting assault vehicle, the Hummer’s size and fuel consumption will make it a deadly addition to the fleet of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) on the roads of our cities. Our mole inside the motor show will also pontificate about the latest fuel efficient and electric cars on the lot."

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