Fiat 500 to enter Guinness Book of Records

Fiat's classic mini, the 500, a direct descendant of which is set to be unveiled in mid 2007, has just qualified for The Guinness Book of Records, as, earlier this month, more than 750 “Cinquecentisti” (Cinquecento means 500 in Italian) created the world’s longest one model traffic ‘jam’ at over three kilometres in length!

More than 5000 enthusiasts gathered at Garlenda in Italy for the 23rd International Fiat 500 Owners Meeting, to watch 500 Fiat 500 cars create the largest 500 insignia in the world on the Dei Fiori racecourse at Villanova d’Albenga. Then, as the ‘convoy’ headed off towards Casanova Lerrone, it exceeded the two miles in length required to beat the record.

But, the “Cinquecentisti” plan to take this further as next year is the 50th anniversary of the Fiat 500, and it will also be the eve of the new Fiat 500 launch, so the Fiat 500 Club Italia, organisers of the event, are calling on Fiat 500 owners and fans from around the world to start making preparations to travel to Italy for the biggest Fiat 500 event in history.

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