Australian made Elfin MS8 Clubman & Streamliner Concepts go in production. Equipped with GM’s 335 Hp 5.7 V8

Auzzie federal authorities gave this week Australian Design Rule compliance approval for the Elfin MS8 Streamliner, with the Clubman expected to follow shortly. The two design concepts were first revealed to the public on the Holden stand at the 2004 Melbourne Motor Show. Since then, both models have been fully engineered for ADR compliance and refined for production readiness.

The Streamliner MS8 and Clubman MS8 share the same proportions - long wheelbase (2290 mm), wide track (front 1460mm, rear 1430mm), custom-tuned suspension, racing brakes, 18-inch wheels and low profile 245/40 tyres. Streamliner's length is 3,500mm, 300 mm longer than the open wheeler Clubman at 3,200mm.

Both models are powered by GM derived, Holden Gen III 5.7-litre V8, producing 335 Hp. Although no official figures given yet, the Caterham inspired MS8 Clubman has been said to do the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 4,4 sec, while for the quarter mile it’ll need a mere 12,5 sec. It’s coupe counterpart, the MS8 Streamliner is capable of doing the 0-100 km/h in 5,3 sec.

To ensure the smoothest possible launch, Elfin has entered into a new arrangement with elite car performance and racing engineering company, Walkinshaw Performance. The Clayton-based operation, owned by British racing legend Tom Walkinshaw, has been engaged to supply production engineering and marketing expertise during the launch phase.

Prices: In the process, production efficiencies have driven down costs, meaning significant price reductions for both models. The Streamliner, originally quoted at indicative price of $135,000, has gone on sale for $119,475 –about 89.000 USD or 70.000 Eurov. The Clubman, was originally priced at $109,000, but will hit the showroom at $98,785 –about 73.000 USD or 57.000 Euros.

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