ABT Volkswagen Eos Tuning & Design kit

Oh, boy here we go now, one by one tuners are getting ready to present there propositions for VW’s new Eos Coupe-Cabrio model. This time, it’s German tuner ABT which specializes on VW Group models (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda ). From the translation I made -as ABT obviously thinks we all “sprechen Deutsch” (…), and the first pictures they gave, the ABT Volkswagen Eos gets a light bodykit with front and rear aprons, sideskirts, tailboot spoiler, quad exhaust pipes and 18’’ or 19’’ 5 star rims.

In the interior, ABT offers customers something called in German “abbott Aluschaltknauf” -whatever that means (help welcomed) and special floor mats.

Like all Volkswagen models, the Eos can be equipped with various engine upgrades. The 200 Hp 2.0 TFSI for example gets tuned up to 270 Hp. There is also a special package for the same engine called “Innovative Sport Package” which combines power (240 Hp) with low consumption. Finally, the 140 Hp 2.0 TDI diesel engine can be upgraded to 170 Hp.

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