2007 Subaru Legacy facelift – Sedan, Wagon & Outback

Subaru announced the introduction of its new Legacy models (Sedan, Wagon & Outback). The facelift series went on sale in Japan through its dealerships while in European and the US, the 2007 versions are expected latter this year

Major features of the faclifted Legacy

Exterior designs: Building on the style characteristics of the fourth-generation Legacy, which embodied beauty and functionality in its designs, the new Legacy boasts detailed design changes that heighten its original identity.

Interior designs: Additional decorative panels on the dashboard provide a quality feel and functional look, as well as accentuate the comfortable interior space. On the models with the SI-DRIVE, newly designed meter panels and steering wheel switches emphasize functionality in the interface with the driver.

Powertrain: FHI has improved further on engine combustion efficiency and the intake and exhaust efficiency for the new Legacy series. Improvements to the transmission also ensure smooth and responsive gearshifting. FHI has also expanded the availability of the 6-speed manual transmission on the new Legacy series to the 2-liter turbo as well as 3-liter engine models.

The SI-DRIVE on the 2-liter turbo and 3-liter engine models not only offers the driver a choice of three different modes of driving experience, but it can also help delivers to save fuel economy without sacrificing the driving pleasure.

Body/Chassis: Capitalizing on outstanding driving characteristics provided by the Symmetrical AWD, the new Legacy offers further improved stability and maneuverability through enhancement of joints in body frames and parts. High levels of comfort and relaxation, matched to the concept of the Grand Touring Car, have been achieved.

SI-DRIVE on 2-liter turbo and 3-liter engine models: The SI-DRIVE enables three distinctively different modes: the Intelligent mode; Sport mode; and Sport Sharp mode. By regulating the engine control unit (ECU) as well as the transmission control unit (TCU) in the automatic transmission, and by fine-tuning the electronically controlled throttle, the system provides vehicle performance unique to each mode. It allows the driver to choose from these three modes, which bring out very different driving experiences in the same car.

In addition to the SI-DRIVE selector on the center console for choosing the driving mode, FHI has also developed a new interface to display SI-DRIVE performance. The instrumentation incorporates an Info-Eco Indicator that lights up while driving on low fuel consumption; an ECO gauge that encourages mileage-conscious driving; and a multi-information display that shows comprehensive information about the driver-selected SI-DRIVE mode. A Shift-up Indicator is also available on the manual transmission models, which advises the driver to shift up a gear for better fuel economy.

The ECO gauge and Info-Eco Indicator have proven to positively influence drivers to drive more fuel-efficiently. Together with the improvements in the powertrain performance and control mechanism, the new Legacy driven in the Intelligent mode recorded 10 percent better gas mileage, compared to the current model without these improvements and display, according to FHI’s internal tests.

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