Zagato Ferrari 575 GTZ

Undoubtedly, the biggest highlight of the 2006 Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza was the world premiere of the Zagato built, Ferrari 575 GTZ which draws back to the historic Ferrari 250 GTZ from the late 50’s.

This unique, Ferrari 575M Maranello based, exotic was custom ordered by the famous Japanese Ferrari collector, Mr. Hayashi. Zagato redesigned every exterior panel with the car body being completely custom-built from aluminium. The final car took around five months to construct, but each successive car will take closer to two months to build as the first car is always the most difficult and demanding in terms of construction.

The interior of the 575 GTZ remains largely based on the 575 M Maranello, however it has been exquisitely re-trimmed in custom leather. Technically, the car remains the same as the standard 575M Maranello, something that was required by Ferrari for the car to carry the “Prancing Horse” badge.

Zagato Press Release:
Two months ago at Geneva, we surprised almost everyone by presenting a 1956 Ferrari 250 GTZ on our stand, rated as the tenth most sought after car amongst collectors and, perhaps, the most valuable car in the show.

Until now, no details have been released regarding our latest car, except for the fact that it is destined for a famous Japanese Ferrari collector. Your press pack contains the first official photo of the car together with its proud owner.

At Villa d’Este, the Ferrari 575 GTZ will be making its debut. The car, commissioned by Mr.Hayashi, is inspired by the 1956 250 GTZ, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The bold decision not to present the car at Geneva was made in light of the fact that a true handcrafted gem such as this Ferrari Zagato would be in its ideal element at Villa d’Este.

This is also a tribute to the rebirth of the Italian Concours d’Elegance which, it is my sincere hope, will be repeated over the years to come.”

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